Online dating in Singapore: 12 types of men you meet on Tinder, Bumble, and other matchmaking apps

We spoke to two expat ladies who are discovering just what Singapore has to offer for singles, and asked them to impart any tips they had on playing the dating game here. Though we separated last August, I really only hit the scene in March this year. Penny: There are men out there, although you may have to look hard for them, and fight other women off! It also depends on what you want; it can be very transient — people come and go from Singapore. The guys were really nice, and we had the same interests so the conversation was good. Club Street is always full of office workers on a Friday night, and there are always lots of people in Boat Quay, which is not as touristy as Clarke Quay. Potato Head and Chijmes are also decent spots. You do get connected with some odd people, but you can just un-match with them. Susan: I use Tinder and Bumble.

Here’s a change in the Singapore dating scene you didn’t see coming

People who are looking for love online, however, need to be extra cautious because searching for true love may leave you emotionally vulnerable. Such vulnerability can be abused in a love scam intended to take your money. Think this is too ridiculous to be true? Think again. They would chat every day.

SG Girls of Reddit & Dating: How do SG Women Actually view SG Guys? So I (F, mid 20s) got into a pretty heated discussion with some coworkers (M, early 30’s).

Dating and marriage often come up in conversations I have with my friends. Recounting his failed dating exploits, Alex, 25, shared with me how one ex-girlfriend broke off the relationship because his parents were selling the family car. Wahlao eh, if dating already so high expectation, marriage confirm worse. But are Singaporean women really that unreasonable? Are their attitudes the reason why some Singaporean men seek foreign brides? As much as they would like to be pampered like princesses, we men also would like to feel appreciated for our efforts.

Growing up, I, like most Singaporean children, was taught men were the breadwinners and women the homemakers.

Singaporean Dating

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I’m a Singaporean girl who lives in Beijing, and I totally know what you mean about the expat dating scene. It’s strange sort of bubble to be in.

Copyright Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Regn No E. All rights reserved. Unfortunately, Mr. Perfect remains Mr. After working and studying in London for three and a half years, I returned to Singapore in , aged Young and single, I was ready to meet someone. I had a limited social life back in the UK — my colleagues were attached or married, and my Asian friends had gone home to their respective countries — so I spent many weekends by myself.

But I wanted to change that. Online dating was coming into fashion, and I was excited about giving this new avenue a shot. Being one of the first among my friends to try online dating, I felt like a trailblazer! I can be picky, and having studied abroad, I saw myself as independent and well-travelled. I wanted someone with a global mindset, preferably an American-born Chinese ABC who should not be more than five years older.

3 Singaporean women share their worst first-date stories

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The ways how Singapore women treat their men show just how interesting they are when it comes to dating and relationships. First, many women treat their men with dignity and respect when it comes to hearing what they have to say. They are usually obedient and will follow whatever they men say up to a certain degree. This means that women are more willing to listen to the men that they love and want to be with. Some Singapore ladies tend to be relatively materialistic.

They are interested in possessing different items for their own and often feel that men who have more are better to be around. Many women will treat their men better if these men are able to give them what they want. They just feel that those men could be fixed upon over time. The next way how women treat men involves being vocal. Singapore girls tend to be more vocal than other women in different parts of the world.

They are willing to speak their minds about their men whenever they feel like it. This relates heavily to honesty, an aspect that many women have. Single women in Singapore tend to focus on honesty so they can show men of interest what they are really like.

Singaporean Women Share Their Worst Tinder Date Stories

Ambitious, degree holder, between , spends up to hours per week at work, makes up the average profile of a man in Singapore. Lauryn and her team of matchmakers have met with over 1, professional Singaporean men over the past 12 months. Though it will take some time, before these men are marriage-ready, these statistics go to show that men are actually marriage-minded individuals who are looking to settle down and have kids just as much as women.

If you look closely in terms of values, many modern day professional Singaporean men fit the bill if superficial traits such as height and salary are set aside.

Ambitious, degree holder, between , spends up to hours per week at work, makes up the average profile of a man in Singapore.

Couples may find themselves all loved up this Valentine’s, but for singles in Singapore, finding a long-term partner may prove more challenging than locating a needle in a haystack. Does the person have any off-putting quirks? Do they look like their social media profile photos? There are just so many things weighing on that first meeting. Beyond just a poor first impression, these ladies share with us what made their first date so horrifying. I just went online to talk to people for the fun of it, until a guy asked me out.

Despite many warnings from my parents about the dangers of meeting people online, I agreed to go out with him because I thought we were friends and there was no harm in meeting a boy who was the same age as me. Naively, I thought since we were only 15 years old, what could happen? In my mind, it wasn’t even really a date.

Smart Ways To Find Love In Your 30s

Two months ago, Destini International Services, a Japanese matchmaking agency that mainly aims to match Singaporean men with Japanese women launched in Singapore. With Japanese women commonly thought of as the epitome of feminine subservience, the possibility of snagging a beautiful, obedient girlfriend set forums like Sammyboy and Hardwarezone —hotbeds of Singaporean misogyny—alight.

Elsewhere, news broke that water is wet. To them, relationships are about power and they like to dominate. A headstrong woman is, therefore, a useless woman.

He seems to think that women make decisions on who they want to date and sleep with based purely on a man’s physical capabilities and that.

How to Date Singapore Women A lot of people wonder what a date is and how to prepare for it. How to arrange a date with Singapore women? Of course you can not appoint a date at once, in order to give a partner some time to think. Every date becomes an unforgettable event, wherever it goes. It’s quite easy to organize a date, because the main thing for lovers is to stay together, alone and enjoy communication with each other.

But, despite the fact that love brightens up everything, it is worthwhile to show a little imagination and organize a really wonderful date. How to organize a date quickly? One of these options is the purchase of tickets to the cinema. Indeed, such a simple date can give a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions. The organization of such a date is most relevant for the first meeting or for a married couple with a solid family baggage.

While dating with wife, you can be sure that the passion, which is already a little extinct, will return to the relationship after a joint campaign in the cinema, where all domestic problems will disappear. Every season offers its own unique holiday. In winter you can go skiing, in autumn, in spring and summer, have a picnic and stroll under the shadow of majestic trees.

Mixed couples Pt 3: ‘Singapore girls are not that easy’